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The goal of a retirement plan is to ensure financial security later in life. At Benefit Planning Specialist, Inc., we have been helping business owners and their employees define and achieve their retirement goals for over 40 years. Our approach enables plan sponsors to evaluate and manage their retirement plan resources prudently and efficiently while providing participants confidence that their plan is managed wisely. We are committed to providing innovative solutions for investment due diligence, plan compliance, and fee and service benchmarking.

The time may arrive when we will not desire to, nor be able to generate income from our labors. We call that moment in time the beginning of our retirement years. For every moment thereafter, the quality of our life may be determined by how well we saved while we were working.

Your need for objective advice drives our independence

Benefit Planning Specialist, Inc. values true independent thinking. This is why we are aligned with one of the most respected broker-dealers in the industry, Cambridge Investment Research, Inc. This affiliation enables us to disclose in our Service Agreement, written disclosure to you of our relationship as a co-fiduciary to your plan.  This relationship assists you and your plan to maintain compliance and further reduce your fiduciary responsibility under ERISA.  Failure to disclose this relationship makes your service provider arrangements a prohibited transaction under ERISA.

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